October 6, 2022

Adrenal Yoga and Restorative Exercises for Pregnancy Revealed

Adrenal Fatigue

This is Dr. Lam from drlam.com and the Adrenal Fatigue Center. Today we’re going to talk about the degree of exercise that you may consider if you have adrenal fatigue and are also pregnant. Pregnancy is a very traumatic event as far as the body is concerned. The fetus continues to need a lot of nutrients and it drains the mother’s body because that’s where the nutrient is derived. Exercise has always been a good way to help the body to be strong. But in the situation where you have adrenal fatigue and you are pregnant, you have to be extremely careful. The body’s wish during an adrenal fatigue situation is to slow down and rest, while exercise by definition, especially if it is aerobic in nature, tends to drain the energy and release a lot of norepinephrine and epinephrine in the process. So you want to exercise but you don’t want to drain the body, and you want to leave plenty of reserve for your fetus and your baby. Of course, your OB doctor, if you are pregnant, will advise you best because the doctor will know your current medical condition, the degree of reserve you have, and the amount of exercise you can tolerate.

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