June 28, 2022

Category: Online Payment

7 Facts You Never Knew About ACH Integration Providers

providing ACH integration solutions. The ACH option allows for the debiting/crediting of checking/savings accounts via the ACH network, and the utilization of an ACH API [Application Programming Interface]. Paper checks are too burdensome and expensive to handle for organizations and/or applications looking to accept payments from bank accounts, and are much more susceptible to fraudulence. […]

Understanding The Background Of ACH Check Verification Providers

ACH payments lack the authorization component present with credit cards, which can be authorized at the time of payment to ensure that the customer has the requisite funds on their cards. This reserves the funds for capture and settlement, and allows a business to know that they are being paid at the point of sale. […]

How To Get People To Like SMS Payments For Storage Facilities

SMS Payments For Storage Facilities allow businesses to accept payments via cell phone, and text customers with payment reminders. SMS Payment Solutions boast an impressive 98% open rate and 95% read rates, and more than 3/4 of Americans use text messaging, so why isn’t your business using texting as a paperless payment channel!. Checking Account Owner Authentication […]

10 Facts You Never Knew About IVR Payments And Security

Agile Payments has been supplying various types of payments related tools for 20+ years, and one of those tools is Interactive Voice Response which allows companies to collect payments over the phone using automated IVR Payment technology. Recently we retained Ernest Park of Airius Internet Payment Facilitation Solutions for assistance in security documentation and consulting around […]