August 13, 2022

Customize Your WordPress Blog For SEO

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Customizing your WordPress blog for search engine optimization is not just a useful trick to getting your traffic higher-it’s an absolute necessity. If you are not currently taking care of your SEO Services needs, then you are going about web marketing all wrong. And if you are not targeting Google with your SEO efforts, then it is all in vain. See, without SEO in your marketing efforts, search engines are unable to tell whether or not your site is a hub of relevant content for the individuals using the service. If you do not update with any sense of regularity and coherency, then your chances of placing high on the Google ranks is unlikely.

To build a solid SEO Company San Jose CA campaign, it begins and ends with one area: content. Your content is the most important thing to the success of your website. Without it, your readers have no reason to come back, and if your readers aren’t coming back, then you can forget about the search engines caring that you’re out there, particularly Google. Google has the most advanced algorithms out there and can help you reach a wider base of potential readers than any other search engine on the World Wide Web. Your potential pool consists of millions of people at any given time. When dealing with those kinds of numbers, it is easy to see the earning potential.

Any online marketer will know that the key to achieving the highest ranks in the different major search engines such as Google is having the right keywords on your side. In online marketing, keywords are everything – meaning, if your website is optimized for the right keywords then your chances of reaching the top spots in Google is bigger.

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Search engine optimization or SEO can seem a little complicated, but when you come to think of it everything boils down to three basic principles – keyword research, on-site optimization, and off-site optimization or more known as link building. When you get these three basic principles right, you are guaranteed to have luck on your favor.

However, if you get one of the three wrong, all your online marketing efforts could be jeopardized. It is very tricky to get search engine optimization right, but it is very easy to be tricked into doing things that will lead you to the wrong path.

SEO Company San Jose gives a lot of importance to the domain name and the connection with its contents. The objective of most search engines nowadays is contained in one word: relevance. And this is a good criterion to rank a website because it weeds out those websites that says plastic containers but then shows adult content with models having too much plastic surgery.

If you have a big marketing war chest then choosing a unique domain name will not be so much an issue. However, if you are on a shoestring marketing budget, or even if you have a modest marketing budget, the best strategy would be to get a generic domain name that is relevant to your product or services and gets ranked to the first page of the major search engines. By relevant, we mean that the keywords that describe your products should be part of your domain name. It is easier to get a better SERP ranking too if your domain matches the generic description of your product and that generic description is what most consumers search for online. And this is where the research comes in. If you are selling plastic container products for the kitchen (i.e. food storage), garage (i.e. toolbox), or for your home office, then coming up with a generic term that describes all these products can be quite challenging. What’s even more challenging is that once you have come up with a generic term you need to find out if this is the term that users are using when they search for such products. A good tool to use is Google’s keyword tool. It’s always the good rule of the thumb to look at what your potential buyers would type rather than stick with industry jargons that are not common to the public. A keyword optimization that best describes your products or services in the most general sense is also known as a short tail keyword. While keywords that describe your products/service/niche more specifically are known as long tail keywords. Thus, having “plastic containers” as part of your domain name constitutes the short tail keyword for your niche while “plastic food storage”, “plastic toolbox”. being more specific would be the long tail keywords. If your business is selling all these different plastic products then it makes more sense to get a domain name where the keyword(s) can be generally applied to the specific products/services you sell.

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