August 13, 2022
Golf Handicap

Everything You Need To Know About Golf Handicap

Golf Handicap

What Is a Golf Handicap?

The World Handicap System (WHS) was established to provide golfers of all skill levels with an equal playing field. The WHS is well-documented by the USGA (United States Golf Association). handicap index are established by “posting” or recording your scores. You have the option of posting 9-hole or 18-hole scores. Your golf handicap will be a number once your scores are posted. The better the golfer, the lower the number.

A golf handicap is a rating system used to determine how good of a golfer you are. It allows players of varying skill levels to compete against one another. The lower your handicap, the better your golfer.

What is a handicap index?

A handicap index is a number that represents your potential scoring ability and is always expressed to one decimal place (e.g., 10.4). This figure calculates how many strokes you might need to adjust your score back to par, allowing golfers of all skill levels to compete on an equal playing field. For example, if you have a Handicap Index of 21.3, you average 21 strokes over par on a typical course. The number of strokes you receive in a round will vary depending on the difficulty of the course and the tees you use.

Why should you get a golf handicap? 

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Stay competitive in a variety of formats: Whether you’re trying to play match play or stroke play, Stableford or Four-Ball, your Handicap Index allows players of varying abilities to compete fairly. 

Track Your Progress: The golf handicap sites will show your previous scores, and your index will show your potential. Every time you play and submit a score, you will receive a Handicap Index Revision the following day. You can also keep track of your stats hole by hole with the USGA GHIN Mobile App.

Simple Score Posting: Your Central Links Golf GHIN membership entitles you to score posting on, the GHIN Mobile App, and access to any score posting kiosk. Play and post on the same day to ensure that the Playing Conditions Calculation, if applicable, is applied correctly. Posting on the same day ensures that your Handicap Index is correct for the following day of play.

Encourages you to improve: You will be encouraged to continue working to improve because an index will monitor your progress. The golf handicap sites would keep you motivated and encouraged throughout the entire time, and you can further work on improving it.


Every golfer, as is customary, will receive a card that includes their handicap. Golfers will sign and submit their scorecards after recording their scores on each hole. Golfers will be able to calculate their handicaps using the golf handicap sites computer system. It does not alter golfers’ obligations while participating in the sport.

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