October 6, 2022

Exploring Variety of Rugs

Rug shopping is a fun:

Keeping the shape, type, colour and the characteristics in your mind you can do excellent shopping. Also survey the whole market before selecting the right rug.

Exploring Variety of Rugs

Oriental rugs:

These rugs are considered to be the king of rugs. China is their main origin and is generally handmade which double its value. Anything which is handmade is considered to be more valuable and precious. The workers who do the weaving are available at low rates that’s why the production is more also there is no compromise on the quality. The specialty of these rugs is they give a special luxury effect to you house, place. They are known for their durability, texture and no less wear and tear. There are usually handmade and those which are silk woven are highly priced but most of them are wool woven.

Persian Rugs:

These rugs are categorized as pictorial, geometric and also floral. Generally famous for its colours these colours are not only unique but are hardly seen which the specialty of Persian rugs is. Again it depends on the origin where it comes from rural or urban areas. As we know that old is gold same way the older the Persian rug the best it becomes. It is believed that the older the Persian rug the better its colours and shape isn’t this amazing. So this is the speciality of Persian rugs the old the better.

Contemporary rugs:

indoor outdoor area rugs
striped indoor outdoor rug

These rugs are more artistic in nature they are usually designed for wall hanging, for floor or some corners of your houses, place this is because these rugs are the beauty enhancer for your home, office.

They have usually bright colours in them some artistic pictures and designs which show the artistic aspect of these rugs also the ability of the artists. These are the modern rugs.

Oriental depending upon the characteristics of rugs they are also categorized in the international market. Due to these specific characteristics these rugs have a greater demand in the local and international markets. These rugs are categorized as oriental rugs, handmade rugs, flokati rugs, striped indoor outdoor rug, home rugs now these home rugs are sub categorized as rugs for children room, rugs for your drawing room.

Transitional rugs: The specialty of these rugs is the design and the style which can be fit at any place of your house. These rugs usually come in floral patterns.

Tibetan rugs:

They are the traditional rugs woven by the people of Tibet. Known for their unusual patterns like geometrical and tiger also these rugs are being woven for centuries and are used for different purposes in the form of blankets bedspreads and others.

Shag rug:

They are made up of thick fabric used on floor to absorb noise and coolness of the room also they are handmade easily washable available in beautiful shapes, colours and styles.

Flokati rugs:

These rugs are Famous for their durability and are handmade truly representing the Greek culture. These rugs are been made for centuries in Greece. They usually have long pile, beautiful designs, texture famous in the international market.

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