October 6, 2022
LED Parts

Fix Defective Pixels & Improve Image Quality on LED Display Screen

Full-color display system pixels runaway is a relatively common problem. What is the cause of this imagination, and how to solve it? The following is the information shared by Lianchengfa.

The display shows that some parts of the image are not bright, or the areas that should be bright are not bright, and the areas that should not be bright are still on. Yes, yes, these can be caused by the pixels of the full color LED display being out of control, then the reason What is it, and how do I fix it?

In general, the common display pixel composition is 2R1G1B (2 red lights, 1 green light and 1 blue light, the same applies below) and 1R1G1B, and out of control will not usually be the red, green, and blue in the same pixel The LED lights are all out of control at the same time, but as long as one of the lights is out of control, we consider that the pixel is out of control.

In addition, under different occasions, the actual requirements of the pixel out-of-control rate are different. The full-color LED indicators are required to be controlled within one percent; the monochrome LED display indicators are required to be controlled within one-tenth.

If the blue-green tube fails, the LED-PN junction is often caused by electrostatic discharge. Due to the complicated production process of LED display screens, electrostatic discharge cannot be prevented. Therefore, electrostatic protection must run through the entire production process.

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