October 6, 2022

Flavors of sweet 16 favors for teenagers

Sweet 16

Sweat it out on sweet 16

Sweet 16 is the most important birthday in any teenager’s life.  It’s that day when you want the universe bow down to you. So when it comes to a sweet 16 birthday of your son or daughter you do not want to leave any stone unturned. You will have to decide from many choices and options to plan this big day for your teenage son or daughter. So let’s get down to a few things when it comes to the sweet sixteen birthday celebrations.  My first suggestion is to start planning early. Depending on how large or small party you want it to be. If you plan on a large party then give it two months of planning and a small party could take up two weeks of your time investment.  Major decisions that you might want to take are when and where do you want the party considering your budget. Will it be a pool party, sleepover, casual party or a themed party? Probably the best thing to do is sit down with your teen and plan on how they want their big day to be. A check list with this few things will come in handy (date and time, theme, number of guests, return gifts, decorations, sweet 16 favors, food menu).

Sweet 16

Sweet as sugar is the sweet 16 favors

Once all on the check list is decided you can start with implementing the ideas.  Planning a sweet sixteen is both overwhelming and exciting.  Besides managing the food, cake and your teen, you need to give that extra bit of your attention to the guests invited at the party. Obviously it’s your teen’s teenage friends who will be hard to please and you can never predict them. The best trick to picking sweet 16 favors is to pick something that can be used after the event as well.  If you plan on girls sweet 16 held at the spa, you could pick sweet 16 favors like a spa retreat bag boasting of lotions, oils, nail files and paints. Or if you plan on taking our sons friends to a baseball game on his sweet 16, you could consider sweet 16 favors like purchasing baseball caps for everyone before the match.

Tips for Sweet 16 favors

Sweet 16 birthday is a major milestone birthday most notably known for the presentation of a driver’s license. Giving each party attendant a sweet 16 favors of a key chain shaped like a car could add that creative edge. A way to be a cool mom or dad is to go digital with the sweet 16 favors. You could create a playlist of your teen’s favorite music on iTunes to be played at the party and then hand out $5 gift cards for iTunes as a sweet 16 favors through which they can download the playlist. The best sweet 16 favors to me is a funky photo frame. Hand these out as sweet 16 favors to make it a sweet 16 for your teen and his or her friends a memorable one.

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