October 6, 2022


organic cotton clothing

What is it with people and Halloween?! In The UK, it pretty much used to be ‘a thing’ just for families with young kids. More and more over the years however, it’s getting like The United States over here. Watch any of the Halloween episodes of Modern Family and you’ll see how seriously the Americans take their Halloween. Some may say that Halloween and Thanksgiving mean more to them than Christmas!

organic cotton clothing
Here we dress our babies in organic cotton clothing. We take pictures of them with carved pumpkins. We even eat pumpkins even though we never touch them the rest of the year!

There’s no need to go looking for a tacky costume from the local supermarket. You really don’t need to. I used to improvise lots rather than spend a fortune on unnecessary baby clothes or childrens clothes. You can do a lot with a touch of face paint and a piece of black material. Dress your little one as a sabre tooth tiger. Just wear a regular top and jazz it up! Make holes in a white pillowcase and hey presto, you have a ghost costume.

You could even dig out a pair of organic cotton baby clothes and dress one of the kids as a ghoulish sleepwalker! At least they’d stand out from the crowd. Let’s be fair, almost every child who knocks your door on Halloween night will be wearing a mask or dressed as a devil or monster. Be different. Dig out all your green baby clothes and lots of green face paint and dress baby up as the Incredible Hulk. A very cute version obviously.

A lot of what they do over in The States is filtering in here as I said above. Apparently ‘Meghan Markle’ is a hot favourite to dress up as this year in The US. I have no idea why, I really don’t get it. Trump, yes! I get totally why dressing up as the scariest man on the planet with a face mask and orange hair works for Halloween! In fact I’d be more scared if Trump knocked on my door on Halloween than Frankenstein!


Check My Source:-https://www.tillyandjasper.co.uk/blogs/news/halloween

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