October 6, 2022

Learn How To Play The Online Guitar Lessons!

lessonpros.com is a free resource for those interested in learning to play the guitar. Simply sign up on the home page and you will receive best online guitar lessons for beginners. No strings attached. Just download and enjoy!

lessonpros.com was founded by Chuck and Sandi Millar. They have been playing and performing music for over 18 years, have released 3 albums on Interscope and Warner Brothers, toured the country and have been heard on radio stations across the world.

Online Guitar Lessons
Online Guitar Lessons

First off, just forget everything we’ve ever been taught about how difficult it is to play the guitar, or any musical instrument for that matter. Music is actually not unlike Math. In the sense that many people have a lot of anxiety over math. They think it’s too difficult, that they aren’t any good at it. Much in the same way, people fear music. That think that you need to be some kind of a genius in order to be a good musician.

Well, I’m hear to tell you first hand that you don’t have to be a genius, cause I certainly ain’t know Genius and I’ve been playing for nearly 20 years, have recorded three albums, and have performed across the country.

To be a true master, one of the greats like Mozart, well…Okay, you might need to be a musical genius there. But to simply play a few songs on the guitar, sound great and have a really good time doing it is only a few lessons away!

I started playing guitar back when I was a fifteen year old kid, within a week I had joined my first band and within a few months we were performing. I’ve since gone on to learn how to play the, bass, drums, banjo, and even the harmonica. All it takes to learn how to play the guitar is a few basic chords and an understanding of a little fundamental music theory. It’s really all quite simple.

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