October 6, 2022

SEO Colorado Predictions 2018


We’ve already entered the final quarter of 2017, and it’s time to bid goodbye to 2017 soon. The coming year 2018 will be an ideal opportunity for digital marketers to promote and market businesses. 2016 and 2017 have witnessed a lot of major reforms in SEO. So, we can predict some changes that are going to occur in the upcoming year.

More focus on UX

Gone are the days when SEO was a job of IT team. Nowadays, it involves creative as well as technical skills. In other words, SEO is an art form that requires technical understanding, creative planning, and unique strategy and planning. User experience (UX) plays a major role in engaging the users. Create engaging content to attract the target audience. While planning a Colorado Springs SEO strategy, make sure that you focus on the end-user experience.


Users no longer want something that just looks good on their mobile devices, they also expect speed. Accelerated Mobile Pages is all set to take the center stage in 2018. AMP will have a great impact on website performance and search. If the users are abandoning slow loading websites, it’s time to pay special attention to mobile page speed and offer an exceptional experience to the users.

Beyond keywords and links

Search engines have been shifting their attention to the way in which users interact with the websites. Along with possessing on-site and off-site SEO skills, the SEO Colorado professionals should have knowledge of crafting quality content based on user behavior. Google is already devoting time and efforts to address the customers’ queries and growing needs, so why wouldn’t you? It is important to optimize your website in such a way that both search engines, as well as users, understand your products and services.

Investment in content developers

Crafting the best content for your website is important. Hiring an experienced content developer will be essential to produce unique and high-quality content for your business website. You can ask SEO Colorado professionals if they have a content writing team or ask them for references for someone who can develop content for your business. The editorial and content development team should be able to produce attractive content providing authentic information on important subjects related to your industry.

Voice Search

With the growing popularity of artificial intelligence, industry experts expect voice search to be the future of search by users. Google focuses on increasing the accuracy of voice search as more and more people are using this feature instead of typing on mobile device or desktop to search something. Websites that aren’t reachable with voice searches are likely to lose rankings in 2018. It is important to optimize your website for Voice search to achieve better rankings in the search engines.

Final Words

2018 is going to be a revolutionary year bringing a lot many changes in the SEO industry. Let’s wait to watch these new changes and discover how they affect businesses.

Industry experts believe that a lot of changes will be seen in the SEO field in 2018. As technology advances, there will be major changes that will offer users ease of use. It’s time when business owners should pull up their socks and keep an eye on the latest SEO trends for 2018.

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