October 6, 2022
Health Care

Stimulating Supplements & AFS Recovery


This is Dr. Lam, founder of drlam.com and the Adrenal Fatigue Center. One of the most frequently asked questions is concerning the use of glandular in the case of adrenal fatigue recovery. And we’ll talk about that more today. Now adrenal gland supplements vary from vitamins to glandulars to herbals to steroids that can be natural or chemical. Now in the case of glandular, it must be remembered that glandular is nothing more than the glands of animals, such as from the porcine source, that is ground up and refined and processed, and then put it into oral form. Now the purpose of these glandular is to replicate the cellular structure of the glands that they come from. So for example, glandular of the pancreas would mimic pancreatic tissue, and as a result, would have insulin-like properties. Similarly, the glandular from adrenal glands would have that similar characteristic.

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