June 28, 2022

Tag: Adrenal Fatigue

Alcohol and Adrenal Fatigue: The Unbridled Truth

We often read that a glass of wine is actually good for you. That wine “lifts your mood” and relaxes you. This is often true. However, there are many instances where the opposite is the case, with evidence supporting what so many have said: there is a close correlation between alcohol and adrenal fatigue. If […]

Congested Chest Relief through Natural Treatment

Essential oils are highly concentrated natural oils extracted from flowers, leaves, roots, and other plant parts. They contain virtually all of the plant’s beneficial nutrients, vitamins, minerals, oxygenating molecules, amino acid precursors, enzymes, and hormones. The oils are obtained by distillation and have the characteristic fragrance of the plant or source from which they are […]

Soy Milk Benefits and A Recipe for Avoiding the Cons

Recent research has revealed that soy milk benefits are quite comparable to that of cow’s milk. However, if you are suffering from adrenal fatigue, no one can blame you for being cautious about this latest development. After all, there is much to be concerned about when it comes to soy milk and how it can […]

How a Faulty Sympathetic Response Can Lead to AFS and POTS

 This is Dr. Lam, founder of DrLam.com and today we’re going to talk about how exercise relates to adrenal fatigue. A large part of our exercise regimen that people think of is the cardiovascular system. In order for exercise to happen aerobically, the sympathetic nervous system, or what we call the sympathetic    

​Video Testimonial: One Person’s Journey to Recovery

 Watch this heartfelt video of an actual sufferer of Adrenal Fatigue, and how she found relief through the coaching services at DrLam.com.

Stimulating Supplements & AFS Recovery

 This is Dr. Lam, founder of drlam.com and the Adrenal Fatigue Center. One of the most frequently asked questions is concerning the use of glandular in the case of adrenal fatigue recovery. And we’ll talk about that more today. Now adrenal gland supplements vary from vitamins to glandulars to herbals to steroids that can […]

Adrenal Fatigue causes Irritability under Stress

Feeling irritable and hard to get along with others when you are under stress is a very common symptom of adrenal fatigue. This is Dr. Lam, founder of DrLam.com and in this video, we will explore some of this concept behind what controls your irritability and how your irritability scale can go up if you […]

Fertility and AFS

 This is Dr. Lam of drlam.com and Adrenal Fatigue Center. One of the common questions we have from adrenal fatigue sufferers is about reproductive capabilities and disruption both in men and woman. Now fertility hormones for both men and woman include primarily three hormones, estrogen, progesterone, those are for woman, as well as testosterone, […]

Video Testimonial from Jeff

 Hello, my name is Jeff from Midlothian, Virginia and I would like to share with you the experience with Dr. Lam’s program. Several years ago I started to experience a series of symptoms, such as; moodiness, fatigue, mild depression and brain fog. For several years before that I had already had insomnia, headaches randomly, […]