October 6, 2022
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The Qualities And Skills of a Legal Translator

With the increase in mobility and migration in other countries, the need for a legal translator has increased dramatically over the last few years. However, with more and more people visiting foreign countries, the need for translators that are capable of working in legal and health care fields has continued to grow, and as a result, the legal industry is becoming increasingly global.

What is a legal translator? 

Legal translation is multilingual communication because it enables individuals, companies, government, and legal agencies to communicate across different languages and cultures within the state and across state borders. The task of translating the written document from one language into another is done by translators.

The legal translator in Dubai is the one who has the proper knowledge of basic concepts and terminologies of law and also of that area to which it is being applied. They must have the knowledge of specialist terminology and linguistic conventions that are used in legal documents.

Important things to consider while looking for a translator

Are you looking for an English to Arabic legal translation and want to know what it takes to be a good translator? Because it is a highly specialized field and cannot be carried out by anyone who does not have expertise in this industry. So, there are some things that you must be considered and they are as follows:

  • Competence
  • Translation skills 
  • Have knowledge of different languages
  • Knowledge of systems
  • Linguistic conventions
  • Professional standards concerning linguistic skills

What are the skills that a legal translator should have?

When it comes to the legal system, the understanding of a term or concept of one country might differ considerably from another. Similarly, it goes the same in the translation where local laws or regulations rarely translate just like the original one. But it totally depends on the abilities and knowledge of translation. However, there are some essential skills that they must have:

Advanced language knowledge

They must have a language-specific skill set, have complete command of their native language, and also should have an equal level of authority with other languages. In addition to that, they have an understanding of differences in meaning, expressions, and tones and have an advanced level of knowledge of their source language.

Excellent writing skills

They should have strong writing ability, having a vast legal vocabulary and should know how to effectively use the words because it is always expected from them to write clear and grammatically correct legal content.

Legal knowledge

They must have a high level of understanding of legal matters and legal systems of more than two countries and have the specialist knowledge of certain branches of legal systems such as the federal system, civil and criminal laws, etc. in addition to that; they must be capable of inspecting legalese and making sure that there is no loss of meaning when the document is translating into another language.

Proficient in maintaining the integrity of the content as it is being translated

The most important aspect of translation is the ability to provide an accurate and complete translation when transferred from one language into another. Similarly, the questions or legal statements in the content should be transmitted in their exact form as they are spoken. Some translators are often more proficient in this aspect, but others take some time to learn specific languages.

Working knowledge of the legal system and years of legal experience

If a person wants to succeed in this field, they must have an in-depth working knowledge of the legal system; it means that they should have an understanding of the processes that are involved in a different type of cases as well as have the ability to work within the different areas of the legal industry. Therefore, it is important to know what an attorney requires and what is expected in the court.

Having several years of experience in the legal industry is extremely beneficial when working as a translator. Because it gives the individual with the working knowledge of the law, how it applies to certain proceedings and has experience in this field will be able to handle the pressure that may arise in certain situations and uncomfortable for those who have never been worked in this field.

In-depth cultural knowledge

It is essential that they have a deep understanding of both source and target cultures. Sometimes the grasp of cultural knowledge is significant while translating the document.

Above all, it is clear that they have a distinct set of skills that reinforces why they are such an asset and important in this globalized world.

Some qualities that they should have

Do you know what the qualities are to look at a legal translation of Sharjah? The following are some qualities that you should see in a translator because your documents are sensitive and legally binding.

Good organization

The organization is one of the important qualities of a successful translator; they should know how to manage time well by doing work before the given deadline, have a good record, and efficient in what they do.

Give attention to details

Without this quality, they could not consistently produce accurate and well formulate translations. Therefore, it is expected from them to give attention to even the minor details to avoid any mistake.


As a translator, you must have this characteristic so that the clients can rely on you when you respond to their queries promptly and meet their requirements to satisfy them.


Maintaining confidentiality is necessary as everyone wants that their secret documents must be in safe hands and secure, observe business and professional’s ethics and adopt them and, most importantly, maintain your relationship with the client is the key quality.

Professional pride

This is the quality that will encourage me to produce high-quality and accurate work in a professional manner.

In conclusion, legal translation is one of the toughest tasks, but working with professional and skillful legal translators will assure you to provide accurate, secured, and timely translations.

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