October 6, 2022

3 Things That Could Cripple Your Dental Business

Businesses are as delicate as they are profitable. A wrong move or decision could set in motion things that could run down your business. The dental industry is one that has several moving parts, most importantly, in its financial management.

Proper financial management is an essential part of all business organizations. When it comes to keeping the finances of a dental practice balanced and moving positively, you have to understand all the workings of the industry. Your accounting decisions can make or cripple your business. Without adequate knowledge, it’s more likely to be a case of the latter.

Running your dental practice on your own, you’ll be in charge of making all financial decisions and managing the accounts/spending of your business. And no matter how good you are in dentistry, getting the other business parts of your practice right is also essential. You can easily get it wrong without any form of prior accounting knowledge or a dental associate accountant Chicago advising you. Some of the things that can cripple your practice include.

Bad Financial Decisions

As we stated earlier, the practice owner has the final word on financial decisions. However, to get it right, you have to pay close attention to the right indicators and variable factors in the business. You’ll be making financial decisions like equipment buying/leasing, day-to-day running costs determination, patient charges, employee remuneration, and so much more. Deciding on a charge rate that’s too low could make your practice run at a loss. Same with buying expensive, unnecessary equipment or overstaffing.

Bad financial decisions can make any business crash really fast. You can get advice on more informed decisions by consulting with a dental associate accountant in Chicago.

Too Much Debt

Every budding dentist knows how expensive starting a practice is. With so many costly dental equipment and other setting-up expenses, many turn to loans for funding. Although there’s nothing wrong with getting loans, be careful not to accumulate too many debts. The hardest part of getting a loan is repaying it with everything you’re getting from your business.

Wrong Tax Filing

Taxing in the dental sector is a bit tricky. The tax code has several details and regulations that it may seem overwhelming for you, a dentist. A little mistake is filing tax could lead to over payment and loss of valuable money. It may even lead to problems with the IRS too. Be sure to know what you’re doing or get the help of an expert dental associate accountant in Chicago.


Starting and managing a dental practice may seem complicated and overwhelming at first, but it gets better. Remember that dental school was never easy to go through too. As the business owner, you’ll be in charge of more than solving the oral complaints of patients, but also keeping the practice afloat and making a profit. If you can avoid the things listed above and enlist the help of professionals, you can successfully climb to the top of the dental business world.

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